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BOLD BEARD GROOMING 101: How to Grow a Hipster Beard and Look Great Doing It

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Nobody teaches you how to grow a beard. It just grows however it’s genetically designed to grow. And for many of us, nobody jumps in to give a beard grooming lesson, either. Sure, dad is there to teach you how to shave, but you’re likely out of the house and on your own by the time you need some beard trimming tips. The hipster beard is gaining popularity and developing its own style. The style of the hipster beard is full, long and combined with a conservative haircut. To picture the look in your head, think lumberjack. If the hipster beard is a style you would like to achieve, keep reading below.


You need to start with a clean slate. Use a beard and face scrub to prepare your skin. Bold exfoliating Beard and face scrub will add moisture and deep clean your skin. If you have serious skin issues you should consult a dermatologist to help control the issue before growing a beard.

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The hipster beard is full and long. You need to determine whether you are capable of growing a thick beard. Stop shaving for one week and examine your progress on the last day. If you notice empty patches or areas, the hipster style beard is most likely not going to grow properly. However, if the hair shows full coverage, you should be able to grow it out and create the hipster style beard.


Employers usually have a dress code for their employees to follow. Check your employee handbook or ask the human resources department if a full beard is accepted in the workplace. If the answer is no, inquire about what facial hair is acceptable and try to adapt your beard style to the rules. If human resources give you the approval to grow a full beard, go forward with the following tips.


bold beard oil

If you are one of the lucky men that can grow a beard in a week that’s great. However, most men take at least a few weeks or months to grow a full beard. Either way, be prepared for itching to occur. This is a normal process when growing a beard. You can calm down the itching with Bold shampoo and conditioner. It will help moisturize your skin and beard as it grows.


Your hipster beard needs to grow long enough to cover your neck. This process will expose an unkempt look that needs to be groomed on a regular basis. Comb and brush your beard to keep it clean and to help release the natural oils in your skin.


As your beard grows use a trim razor to shape it. Generally, a hipster beard is full and thick, but it doesn’t have to look out of control. Carefully trim out of control hairs and shape the edge of your beard for a more defined look. 


Now that your beard is fully grown, shaped and trimmed. It’s time to make it look amazing. Beard oil is easy to use by applying after a shower. It makes your beard soft, moisturized, and shiny.

bold beard oil


Many men that grow a hipster beard make the mistake of allowing stray hairs to grow over their mouths. This is the one area you want to keep trimmed on a regular basis. Carefully keep this area groomed and free from stray hairs. This will prevent food from getting stuck in your beard and it will make you kissable. As much as your partner loves you, they usually don’t want to fight through the hair to kiss you. They also don’t want to get a mouthful of hair either. Keep your lips clear of being barricaded by your beard.


A full hipster beard requires regular maintenance. This means you will be investing in beneficial products made specifically for beard maintenance. The products include shampoo, conditioner, oil, face scrub, and more. While this might sound like a lot, caring for your beard is an easy process. 



bold shaving beard

There has been a debate going on for years whether a beard or shaving is easier. While men around the world will always discuss the issue and come to different conclusions, it’s always going to come down to personal preference. Some men find shaving every morning to be easy maintenance. While other men find the task time consuming and boring. Those who are in favor of beards think they will never have to shave again. This is only true if you plan to grow a long thick beard and don’t want your neckline to show. Never shaving again is an option that is rarely chosen. Even the hipster style beard requires maintenance and trimming.


Once your hipster beard reaches full growth your confidence will increase. Since society has become more familiar with beards after decades of clean-shaven men, the hipster look has become a welcomed change.

The hipster look is a common style during winter and has now reached year-round status. Men that like this look have made it their signature style. If you decide the hipster beard is for you make sure you feel comfortable with the required maintenance and added expenses. Remember you need to purchase products specifically made for beards, plus trim on a regular basis and brush to remove debris. If you are ready to get started, skip your next shaving session and try Bold's products for beards to create the desired look.


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